What architectural approach has been adopted for the OpenCorporates API?The OpenCorporates in a RESTful API
What encryption is available on the OpenCorporates API? The OpenCorporates API adopts HTTPS as its standard transport later security. HTTP is not supported.
Is the OpenCorporates API an async API?The OpenCorporates is a synchronous API, supported request and response. Future versions may support asynchronous requests depending on use case applicability.
What method of authentication is supported by the OpenCorporates API?The OpenCorporates RESTful API requires an api token that is embedded in either the header or as a URL parameter as;


Support for OAuth2 is estimated for Q4’23.

See: API Authentication & Authorisation for further information and updates.
Is the API hosted?The OpenCorporates is a managed API service that is provided via our cloud infrastructure.
Does OpenCorporates provide test and development endpoints?We don’t provide specific environments for this purpose, however further API accounts can be provisioned with separate authentication material to gain access.
What is the typical API response time?API response times are typically < 250ms
Where can i find your The OpenCorporates API documentation?Walkthrough and tutorial material can be found here: API Walkthrough, whereas formal API documentation can be found here API Documentation.
Does the OpenCorporates API support versioning?The API endpoints support versioning, when versioning is omitted from the call the API will default to the latest supported API.
Current API version can be found here.
Does the OpenCorporates API provide rate limiting?The OpenCorporates API has throttling applied as per your commercial package.
What support does OpenCorporates provide on its API?OpenCorporates monitor its API and services 24/7 and provides help desk support for any issues or questions. You can contact support here.
What is the expected uptime for the OpenCorporates API?The OpenCorporates API is provided with a 99.5% uptime expectation with appropriate caveats for scheduled maintenance.
Updated on September 8, 2023

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