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Data last updatedJuly 22 2024
RegionAmericas > North America
NameWorld > Americas > North America
ISO Jurisdiction Codeus_ca


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# Companies8,353,393Number of registered companies per jurisdiction
# Officers26,845,214Number of officers per jurisdiction
Registered Address Count8,042,031Number of registered address per jurisdiction
Registered Address Fill Rate96.27%Number of registered address per jurisdiction as a percentage of total companies
Name100.00%Full Legal Name
Company Number100.00%Officer company registration number
Company Type100.00%Type of entity (as described by the company register)
Status100.00%Current status (as described by the company register)
Alternative Names0.40%Alternative name (such as trading name, abbreviation, or legal name in another language)
Incorporation Date100.00%Date the company was officially registered
Industry Codes0.00%Industrial classifications, including code scheme and code number, for example NACE or NAICS codes.
Company known to be a branch10.53%A flag that specifically identifies foreign branches (local registration of a company incorporated in a different jurisdiction) or not
Accounts Statement0.00%
Acquisition Relationship0.00%
Address Delegate0.25%
Agents (Total)9,099,919
Alternate Registration0.00%
Alternative Name0.40%
Approved Government Supplier0.31%
Branch Relationship12.13%
Control Statement0.00%
Current Status100.00%
Filing Delegate0.00%
Financial Payment0.00%
Financial Transaction0.00%
Gazette Notice0.00%
Home Company9.31%
Identifier Delegate Inactive0.15%
Is NonProfit7.36%
Is Ultimate Controlling Company0.06%
Number Of Employees0.00%
Official Journal Notice0.00%
Official Register Entry0.01%
Previous Names0.40%
Public Statement0.00%
Register Entry0.01%
Share Parcel0.00%
Subsequent Registration0.00%
Subsidiary Relationship0.10%
Supplier Relationship0.00%
Tax Number0.00%
Telephone Number0.12%
Total Shares0.00%
Trademark Registration1.62%
UK Gazette Notice0.00%
UK Health Safety Notice0.00%
Ultimate Beneficial Owners0.00%
Ultimate Controlling Company0.09%

California Update:

For the past year, the California Secretary of State has been providing erroneous data updates for existing companies (note this does not affect new incorporations). We have been in constant communication with the Secretary of State and while they have assured us multiple times that they are working to fix it, they have not yet been able to. As it stands, we cannot ingest this data without wittingly accepting corrupt data. Note this problem will affect every organisation that gets data from the California Secretary of State, not just OpenCorporates.

Below we outline the problems we have identified with the file: 

1. Delimiter/value mixup.  “|” is used as the delimiter to separate different columns in the CSV file, but it can also appear in values (e.g. a company having the name WLC | THE WILLIAMS LAW CORPORATION). When processing the file, “|” is recognised as a column separator so a single value gets split into two columns.

2. Missing column. The filings.csv file should contain 20 columns but many rows are missing the second-to-last column (LLC_MANAGEMENT_STRUCTURE). Combined with the first problem, this can make it unclear whether a record has an issue, as the record can lose a “|” delimiter from the missing column, but gain one where it is included in a value.

3. Missing pipe separator.  Sometimes there is no “|” appearing as a separator between one column and the next, so we would see both values as belonging to one column.

4. Missing quotes. The first value in a record might start with but not end with , so it looks as though the entire row belongs to the first column until it sees another later on another line.

5. Linebreaks. Some records in the file have just a few columns, seemingly caused by a random linebreak in the previous record, so some of its values end up on the next line.

OpenCorporates temporary solution for the issues outlined above: 

We have decided to preprocess the data file by stripping out the most problematic rows and fixing those that we can, leaving us with only those records that we have confidence in. This accounts for approximately 80% of all records in the files that we have received.

This preprocessing of CSV files will give us new CSV files which will have transformed rows in case of the following problems that we face in the CSV file due to “|”.
We are continuing to press the California register to fix the underlying problems and have offered our help in doing so. In the meantime, we will work internally to improve the fixes. OpenCorporates customers can contact their Customer Success Manager or [email protected] for more details on how we are fixing issues in the file.

We updated 6.6m companies which is just over 80% of the 8.2m available from the registry. This 6.6m included 430k companies that we added to our data for the first time, which also helped to significantly fill the gaps of missing companies. However, there could still be up to 300k companies missing from our dataset (we have 7.9m vs the registry’s 8.2m) which are contained in the 20% of data we were not able to process.

Date Published: 08/01/2024

Updated on January 12, 2024

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