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Data last updatedJuly 22 2024
RegionAmericas > North America
NameWorld > Americas > North America
ISO Jurisdiction Codeus_ne


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# Companies445,676Number of registered companies per jurisdiction
# Officers1,894,808Number of officers per jurisdiction
Registered Address Count189,570Number of registered address per jurisdiction
Registered Address Fill Rate42.54%Number of registered address per jurisdiction as a percentage of total companies
Name100.00%Full Legal Name
Company Number100.00%Officer company registration number
Company Type100.00%Type of entity (as described by the company register)
Status100.00%Current status (as described by the company register)
Alternative Names0.00%Alternative name (such as trading name, abbreviation, or legal name in another language)
Incorporation Date100.00%Date the company was officially registered
Industry Codes0.00%Industrial classifications, including code scheme and code number, for example NACE or NAICS codes.
Company known to be a branch18.48%A flag that specifically identifies foreign branches (local registration of a company incorporated in a different jurisdiction) or not
Accounts Statement0.00%
Acquisition Relationship0.00%
Address Delegate0.11%
Agents (Total)444,077
Alternate Registration0.00%
Alternative Name0.00%
Approved Government Supplier0.27%
Branch Relationship21.60%
Control Statement0.00%
Current Status100.00%
Filing Delegate0.00%
Financial Payment0.00%
Financial Transaction0.00%
Gazette Notice0.00%
Home Company16.25%
Identifier Delegate Inactive0.17%
Is NonProfit7.38%
Is Ultimate Controlling Company0.08%
Number Of Employees0.00%
Official Journal Notice0.00%
Official Register Entry0.07%
Previous Names0.00%
Public Statement0.00%
Register Entry0.00%
Share Parcel0.00%
Subsequent Registration0.00%
Subsidiary Relationship0.17%
Supplier Relationship0.00%
Tax Number0.03%
Telephone Number0.09%
Total Shares0.00%
Trademark Registration0.65%
UK Gazette Notice0.00%
UK Health Safety Notice0.00%
Ultimate Beneficial Owners0.00%
Ultimate Controlling Company0.22%

Updated on May 3, 2023

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