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Important changes to our website service

We’re changing how we make our OpenCorporates data available via the web. Here’s how and why.

What’s changed

As of 1st August 2023 we’re making selected company-data attributes accessible to registered users only. 

These now include the details of company directors and officers, beneficial owners, links to source registries, company filings, incorporation data and company status.


OpenCorporates was founded to improve corporate transparency to help create a fairer, more prosperous and sustainable world. A critical part of this is making legal entity data available for free to the general public via our website. 

Over the last decade we have become recognized as the definitive trusted source for legal-entity data by hundreds of thousands of citizens, businesses, government agencies, and public-benefit organizations around the world.

Unfortunately this has attracted a growing group of users who systematically gather our data at scale for commercial or unlawful purposes. This not only degrades the service for other users, it also undermines our public-benefit business model, which is critical for supporting all the good work we do.

Service registration helps us better understand who’s using the service and protect it against illegitimate activity.

Free access

Our website remains free for personal use and public-benefit purposes — for example, by journalists, academia and NGOs. This is enshrined in our Mission and Articles of Association. However, we do reserve the right to charge for commercial use of our data. 

Our Terms of Use

You can find our terms of use here.

Our privacy policy, explaining how we collect your data through this site and what we use it for, can be found here.

How to register for an account

Simply click on any of the “please log-in” links on a search page and follow the instructions.

Updated on September 26, 2023

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