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The data on OpenCorporates is out of date or incorrect

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We collect and republish corporate data from official public sources across the world in one place for the public benefit. We aim to be an accurate reflection of these official public sources. 

OpenCorporates has no connections with the official public record which should always be referred to as the definitive source.

If this data is out of date, we recommend you reach out to the official public record and update the out-of-date information there first, as we do not have the power to change the official record, nor to decide which information is part of the public record.

Once the information has been updated please allow 30 days for the information to be automatically updated on the OpenCorporates website.

If the correct information has been available on the official public record for longer than 30 days and the OpenCorporates record does not match, please contact us and we will carry out an assessment of your request to rectify the information.

Please see our Public Records Privacy Policy for more details.

Updated on January 11, 2024

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