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Data Dictionary: Alternative Names

This file contains alternative names from the OpenCorporates database. Where available, the file contains information for the data period that an alternative name was relevant, as well as what type of alternative name a record represents. All fields are optional unless shown as Mandatory

Field NameFormatField DescriptionField-Level Notes
company_numberString – varchar(128)Identifier given by the Company register to the entity. Together with the jurisdiction_code this forms a composite foreign key for the companies dataset.Mandatory. FK to Companies
jurisdiction_codeString – varchar(8)Code for the jurisdiction (lowercase, underscore version of ISO 3166-2 code). List of jurisdiction codes and the names of the jurisdictions is available at https://api.opencorporates.com/jurisdictionsMandatory. FK to Companies
nameStringAlternative name for an entity
start_dateStringAlternative name known start date
end_dateStringAlternative name known end date
typeStringAlternative name type

Updated on July 7, 2023

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