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Data Dictionary: Companies

Field NameFormatField DescriptionField-level notes
company_numberString – varchar(128)Identifier given by the Company register to the entity. Together with the jurisdiction_code this forms a composite primary key for the companies dataset.Mandatory
jurisdiction_codeString – varchar(8)Code for the jurisdiction (lowercase, underscore version of ISO 3166-2 code). List of jurisdiction codes and the names of the jurisdictions is available at https://api.opencorporates.com/jurisdictionsMandatory
nameString – varchar(2000)Legal name of entityMandatory
normalised_nameString – varchar(2000)Normalised legal name of entity, using OpenCorporates normalisation. 
company_typeString – varchar(1000)Type of entity (as described by the company register) 
nonprofitBooleanWhether the company_type indicates it is a nonprofit
OpenCorporates mapping based on company_type
current_statusString – varchar(1000)Status of entity at retrieved_at date as reported by company registry 
incorporation_dateDate (ISO 8601: YYYY-MM-DD)Date of incorporation 
dissolution_dateDate (ISO 8601: YYYY-MM-DD)Date of dissolution of entity 
branchEnum – ‘F’, ‘L’ or null
If this is a local registration of a foreign company (usually called a branch or foreign corporation) this will be ‘F’. In a small number of cases we also have some local branches of entities, and these have an ‘L’ flag
Size limit – see Addtl Info – Note [1]
Cross-government business numbers for those jurisdictions (e.g. Australia, New Zealand, Canada) that have them
Size limit – see Addtl Info – Note [1]
Alternative legal name (in another language) if provided by the register. 
Size limit – see Addtl Info – Note [1]
Language of the alternative name, if known 
Size limit – see Addtl Info – Note [1]
Jurisdiction of the home company, in cases where the entity is a branch registered in a different jurisdiction to the company, else will be the jurisdiction of the company matching the company file’s jurisdiction
Size limit – see Addtl Info – Note [1]
On occasion a company number is re-used or renumbered by a registry. This field stores the former number
previous_namesString: List of names separated by Pipe character (‘|’)
Size limit – see Addtl Info sheet – Note [1]
Previous names for the entity 
retrieved_atDatetime (ISO 8601)Datetime the record was retrieved from the official sourceMandatory
registry_urlString – text
URL of the page for the company on the official corporate register. Where possible this is a direct link to the company page, if not the link will be the registry search page.
restricted_for_marketingString – textIndicates whether marketing is allowed to this customer (as per information provided by the official corporate register)
See Addtl Info sheet below for further information
inactiveBooleanWhether the company status indicates the company is in an inactive state. Most of these are companies that are dissolved in some form or other. It excludes ‘dormant’ or companies in liquidation, as these can both be actively trading
OpenCorporates mapping based on current_status values
accounts_next_dueDate (ISO 8601)Date accounts are next due 
accounts_reference_datedd/mmAccounting reference date 
accounts_last_made_up_dateDate (ISO 8601)Date accounts were last made up 
annual_return_next_dueDate (ISO 8601)Date annual return next due 
annual_return_last_made_up_dateDate (ISO 8601)Date returns were last made up 
has_been_liquidatedBooleanWhether company has been liquidated 
has_insolvency_historyBooleanWhether company has insolvency history 
has_chargesBooleanWhether company has charges 
number_of_employeesString – varchar(255)Number of employees at the company 
registered_address.street_addressString – text
Street address part of address object for registered address (where available from source)
registered_address.localityString – varchar(255)
Locality (e.g. city) part of address object for registered address (where available from source)
registered_address.regionString – varchar(255)
Region (e.g. state) part of address object for registered address (where available from source)
registered_address.postal_codeString – varchar(255)
Postal code (e.g. ZIP) part of address object for registered address (where available from source)
registered_address.countryString – varchar(255)
Country part of address object for registered address (where available from source)
registered_address.in_fullString – text
Registered address of the entity (sometimes called service address). This is represented as a single string – in some cases we have this as an address object, in which case this will be a concatenated version of this.
home_jurisdiction_codeString – varchar(8)
Jurisdiction code of the home company, in cases where the entity is a branch. See description of jurisdiction_code for details
home_jurisdiction_company_numberString – varchar(128)
Company number of the home company (i.e. the incorporated legal entity) if the entity is a branch. This has been reconciled by OpenCorporates. Not all branches are reconcilable to home companies
industry_code_uidsString – text: List of SIC codes separated by Pipe character (‘|’)
See lookup table for actual lengths
latest_accounts_dateDate (ISO 8601)Date of latest filed accounts 
Size limit – see Addtl Info – Note [1]
Cash at bank in latest accounts, in local currency 
Size limit – see Addtl Info – Note [1]
Current assets in latest accounts, in local currency 
Size limit – see Addtl Info – Note [1]
Current liabilities in latest accounts, in local currency
Updated on October 30, 2023

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